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Sub-state conflict is the source of tremendous human suffering and financial burden worldwide. Last year, 68.5 million people – or the equivalent of 20 people per minute – were forced to flee their homes due to conflict (UNHCR, 2017), and the most recent statistics estimate annual economic costs of conflict around $14.8 trillion (12.4% of world GDP) (Institute for Economics and Peace, 2018).

While violent conflict is likely to remain a perennial feature of human group interaction, the Political Violence Lab engages in research that seeks to inform efforts to mitigate its frequency, intensity, and downstream effects.

The lab was established in January 2018 and is directed by its founder, Professor Andrew Shaver. Annie Blackburn currently serves as the lab’s chief executive assistant. Alexandra Leal Silva currently serves as the lab’ s deputy executive assistant.

The lab is engaged in research projects (described here) with researchers at Dartmouth, Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, the University of California, San Diego, the University of Chicago, and Yale and has involved the participation of 84 graduate students, post-graduates, and undergraduates across Dartmouth College, Princeton University, and five University of California campuses.

The lab gratefully acknowledges the support it received from Dartmouth College during the 2017 and 2018 academic years, which was made possible by the generosity of Susan K. and Stuart E. Lucas ’81 through the Lucas Family Fund for Undergraduate Research.

Many photographs on this site were generously supplied by Lars Blackmore, DJ (DhungJoo) Kim, and Kainoa Little. Justin Kramer led the development of this site.